Established in 1957 by Mr. Wilfrid Marquis, Vulcanisation Marquis laid the foundation for Techno Pneu Inc. With over 50 years of continuous technical advancements, the company is currently under the management of Mr. Marcel Marquis, the founder’s son, along with key executives Mr. Éric Marquis and Mr. Jean-François Marquis. Explore the rich history of our tire retreading and automotive services enterprise, and feel free to reach out via phone or email for further details about our offerings.

Our tire remolding facility in Rimouski, constructed in 1997, breathes new life into hundreds of thousands of meticulously chosen tire carcasses annually. Utilizing European recycling technology, akin to that employed in the production of first-generation tires and previously applied to airliner tire remolding, our factory is at the forefront of sustainable practices.

The Techno tire production process integrates TRM technology, employing millimeter laser precision during the initial rubber application. This robotic phase ensures precise calibration of material quantities, resulting in flawlessly constructed tires of optimal quality.

Every Techno tire undergoes testing on the ITT-1 inspection device, guaranteeing the exceptional quality of our products. The ITT-1 laser inspection unit proves unparalleled in assessing the integrity of tires, examining both internal and external structures. Notably, the two largest retreaders of large aircraft tires rely on this technology to ensure the safety of their products.


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